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  1. Illumination
    I call this the "tune-up", and it is performed in every session on its own, or as part of a larger healing session. In this practice, you will work with the shaman stones (cuyas) to get rid of any physical or emotional wounds. At the end, the client is free of the wound and has a fully balanced 7-chakra system!
  2. Divinations
    This is the closest you will get to a psychic reading session - but it is so much more! Here, the shaman will guide you through your fate lines that are present given your current life trajectory - and will be able to shift those lines into your destiny and highest potential options.
  3. Soul Retrieval
    During traumatic periods in our lives, which we all experience to some degree or another, we end up losing healthy parts of our soul. During a soul retrieval session, the shaman journeys with and for the client to find that lost soul part and help the client integrate them back into their current self.
  4. Past Lives Journey
    Our past lives can harvest many traumas and wounds that if left unresolved can manifest pain and suffering in our current lives. To eliminate these obstacles, the shaman guides the client into those past lives to resolve untreated wounds to bring about healing and positive change in the client's current life.
  5. Health Coaching
    Using the most up to date nutritional research, the shaman will guide her clients through a transformative diet plan that will bring about physical and mental transformation. The diet will be adjusted to the client's current life and sensibilities using integrative medicine knowledge and techniques
  6. Pain Management
    Many times emotional pain will manifest physically (tears - need I say more?) But the underlying issue is in the energetic body. During a session we will target the pain and release the emotional attachment associated with it so your body can start its own unique healing process.
  7. Death and Letting Go
    A big part of a shaman's role is to help spirits cross over beyond death's doors so they can continue on their infinite soul's journey. Thankfully, when a person knows his or her time has come, we are also able to work beside them to help them die consciously and at peace.
  8. Energy Extractions
    Since we are energetic beings living in an energetic world, many times, our frequencies can attract intrusive energies that don't belong to us and should be removed. During a session, one of the first things we will do is check if such an energy has attached itself onto you and if so, we remove it quickly to restore balance.
  9. Ceremony
    It is important for our own growth to commemorate different transitions in our lives. Be it a birthday, coming of age, wedding, divorce, full moon, or a new beginning, we should always pause and celebrate where we were, where we are, and where we are going to be.